With 29 years of experience, we create the best displays you will find anywhere. Bring us your ideas, dreams and visions.  Nothing is impossible for us.

Sports Marketing

Chosen for excellence, we are beyond proud to have our sculptures displayed at every Olympic program since the 1994 Lillehammer games.  Our care, creativity and pride in our product, along with excellent customer service, have distinguished us in the ice-sculpting industry.


Your logo transformed into a beautiful sculpture will bring attention to your business or product in a delightful way.  With our state of the art computer numerical control router, your designs sparkle, are amazingly precise and last three times longer than any other ice-cutting technique. We contribute to the overall marketing plan for any company, specializing in launching a product or brand. Your message, as a work of art, naturally creates interest and receives news coverage from TV, newspapers, magazines and social media outlets. What fun to watch a video of your logo being carved from ice on Youtube!  Having your advertisement sculpted is a beautiful, interesting and cost effective way to get the word out.